If you got to this page, I presume that your interest in Neurolanguage Coaching is not purely inquisitive, you actually want to change your life by improving your English communication skills. Congratulations, that’s a great start! 

But before you impatiently scroll down to see “how much does this lady charge”, please read the following quote:

Alternatively, you always have money for the things you consider priorities.

What you can expect during Neurolanguage Coaching® sessions

✅ Discovering your motivation for learning English

✅ Learning about your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning languages

✅ Coaching around learning blocks and emotional triggers

✅ Identifying your preferred learning method and learning strategy

✅ Speaking practice. A LOT of speaking.

✅ Suggestions for learning resources

✅ Setting monthly goals for language learning

✅ Goal review  


What will not happen during Neurolanguage Coaching® sessions

❌ Following a boring coursebook

❌ Lectures about things you are not interested in

❌ There will be no repetitive and boring drills

❌You will never have a passive role in the learning process

❌ Structureless lessons



One session a month

250 RON (50 EUR)

✅ 1 Private  60-minute Neurolanguage Coaching® session

✅ WhatsApp support 

Four sessions a month

900 RON (180 EUR)

✅ 4 Private  60-minute Neurolanguage Coaching® sessions

✅ Free private 30-minute live online language diagnostics to find out level, set mechanical and mastery goals

✅ WhatsApp support 

✅ Goal review 

✅ Use of “English with Juliana” learning platform

Conversation Club

300 RON (60 EUR)

✅ 4 group  90-minute Neurolanguage Coaching® sessions

✅ WhatsApp support