From my 20+years of teaching English experience the most difficult part of grammar condsidered by learners is the Irregular Verbs.  Learning them seems to have absolutely no logic, the learners feel frustrated and discouraged and call those Verbs “The horrible list”.

But it doesn’t have to be so. There are methods to learn them in an easy and fun way. One of them is by following my Youtube video series that you can find in the Free Resources section here:  YouTube Irregular Verbs Series

There is a small setback about learning them this way: you will probably remember the first 20 verbs very well, but won’t remember the rest.

To remedy this problem, I’d suggest to make a set of flashcards with the verb on one side and three forms on the back, so that you can review them not in order, but randomly.

If you are too lazy to make your own flashcards, I’ve created a set of 100 irregular verb cards, with verbs and their Romanian translation on one side and the rest of the forms and example sentences on the back.

 If you have already bought the cards set, click here to access the audio files. You will find the password on the instructions page in the box.

€14 (68 RON) 

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