What is Neurolanguage Coaching®?

“Neurolanguage Coaching® is the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge and skills from the Language Coach to the Language Coachee with sustainable effects facilitated by brain based coaching and coaching principles and neuroscience.” (Rachel Paling, creator of  the Neurolanguage Coaching)

As you can see, the definition implies a combination of three components: Neuroscience, Language Learning and Coaching. Let’s look at each one of them separately to see what each component brings into the Neurolanguage Coaching.


From Coaching

  • unique delivery with brain-friendly coaching communication
  • ICF elements and standarts
    goal setting, action setting, motivation, goal review
  • ability to spontaneously troubleshoot and coach emotional triggers


From Language Learning

  • expertise in language structures and functions
  • unique personalised roadmap for each learner
  • ability to troubleshoot blocks relating to language



 From Neuroscience

  • Emotional Intelligence, Psychology
  • Diagnostics of preferred learning style
  • Brain-friendly acquisition of the language


Benefits of the Neurolanguage Coaching 


  • More efficient and effective
  • Process generates full autonomy
  • We don't follow books - we follow each learner
  • Certainty
  • Brain-friendly process
  • Endless increase in Self-awareness
  • Equal status coach/coachee
  • Potentially faster language learning
  • Provoking "aha" moments with the language
  • Content and input always dependent on client's wishes

For more information please visit the Neurolanguage Coach Network at  https://neurolanguagecoachnetwork.com/

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